Andrei Avram - Back End Developer

Andrei Avram
Back End Developer

Developer with 9+ years experience, focused on back end development of scalable and maintainable applications (with great attention to REST web services), I'm a follower of design patterns, SOLID principles, DRY concept, coding standards (PSR) and I really enjoy being a team player.

I've been involved in big database applications, ads management, communities, hotel booking system, employee schedule and company resources management, crawling systems, eCommerce, content management, online payments, audio/video manipulation, streaming, large data transfer, mobile applications, music platforms, user generated content systems.

As management, I've handled small team leading, project analysis, counseling, and management. Also, I am comfortable with direct client communication.


Technologies and skills

  • PHP
    • Framework: Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Phalcon
    • ORM: Doctrine, Eloquent
    • CMS: WordPress
    • Template engine: Twig, Blade, Smarty
  • Golang
  • Databases: MySql, MongoDB
  • REST, RPC Web Services
  • Docker, Vagrant, Apache, nginx, Linux, Devops
  • RabbitMQ, Redis, Memcache
  • Unit testing
  • Git
  • Continuous integration
  • Media files manipulation and streaming
  • Automated tasks (Apache Ant)
  • Front End: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery)
  • Agile software development

I'm a very good English speaker and I can handle French.



  • Various
    • Technologies: Golang, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, AWS

Zonga (a Trilulilu company)

  • Zonga
    • Description: Music streaming service
    • Technologies: PHP 5/7 (Custom/Phalcon Framework), MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Redis, Memcache, FFmpeg, ImageMagick, nginx, Docker, Linux, Bash, AWS/S3, APIs, Microservices, Golang
    • Leading the back end team, responsible for code reviews, releases, 3rd party companies interaction, architecture, interviews


  • Trilulilu
    • Description: Largest user generated entertainment content streaming website in Romania
    • Technologies: PHP, REST, MySql, JavaScript, nginx, Linux
    • Responsible for all releases
  • CinemaRx
    • Description: Movies database and cinema schedule
    • Technologies: PHP (Symfony), MySql, nginx, Docker, Vagrant
    • Architecture for mobile website and REST API

Arobs Transilvania Software

  • Splendia - Luxury & Character Hotels
    • Description: Hotel booking and management system
    • Technologies: PHP (Symfony), MySql, design patterns, Vagrant
    • REST API, Database design, Database sync


  • UrbanBeat
    • Description: Large music community for producers and artists, which involved a sharing and sell/buy system, mp3 files manipulation, Paypal API advanced payments, custom cache system, load speed optimization, user statistics and other.
    • Technologies: PHP (Laravel), MySql, FFmpeg, design patterns, Facebook API, Google Maps API, Paypal API, HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery
  • Other projects
    • Data crawler
    • Images management and sharing system
    • Online training
    • Company management (small ERP)
    • Ads publishing
    • Mobile applications


  • Other projects
    • Description: Web based remote control and video surveillance of a mechatronic system.
    • Technologies: PHP, MySql, Delphi, HTML/CSS/JS, Flash


  • "Andrei is part of that rare breed of developers that see development as an art to be perfected. As such, he spares no effort to deliver results chiseled to perfection. He is passionate about coding in general and learning new and better ways of doing things in particular. Always a pleasure to work with and will be a great asset to any team lucky to have him."
    Andrei Dascălu, Scrum Master & PHP Developer,
  • "Andrei is an ambitious developer driven by interesting projects and keen on working with and using latest technology.
    His skill-set makes him a versatile developer, but more than that he is a quick learner.
    Communicates well and is responsible for his work."
    Claudiu Marius Mailat, Project Manager,
  • "I started working with Andrei in 2009 so the fact that I'm reaffirming this recommendation in 2014 means something.
    After so many years he never disappointed me, not only is he a good programmer but also an honest person."
    Nuno Alex Oliveira, Business Developer and Investor,
  • "Best developer we have ever worked with. We highly recommend."
    William Harris, Founder and Director,
  • "I enjoyed working with Andrei, since he is an open-minded person willing to achieve and over-perform targets. He proved to be an excellent organizer and very good web developer, he listens carefully to customer needs and delivers the perfect solution.
    I recommend Andrei for the future, being pro-active and extremely reliable, and a very good person."
    Ștefan Fekete, Photographer and Manager,

People and publications I follow

Golang Weekly

Dave Cheney

Robert "Uncle Bob" Martin

Phil Sturgeon

Martin Fowler

PHP Weekly

Last but not least, my hobbies

Crossfit, motorcycles, Golang